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Total Lubricants for Metal Industry

Acheive your goal with Total Metal Working solutions

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For decades, Total has worked with metalworking customers around the world, developing a comprehensive range of lubricants to meet your needs. Rolling, forming, quenching, cutting and more - our products are designed specifically for applications throughout the process. We know that your goals include shortening production cycles, extending tool lifetime, reducing fuel consumption and decreasing waste, and with Total as your partner that’s what we’ll achieve. 

Formulating our lubricants, we take into account you and your workers, and the environment. We’ve reduced VOC s, odours and dangerous substances across the range. Our comprehensive selection of products is backed up with technical support adapted to your requirements, and our worldwide experience working in this industry. Get in touch with Total today and we’ll find the right solutions for your plant.

General Machining Lubricants

Total’s range of machining fluids effectively lubricate metalworking equipment, protecting sawing, drilling, milling, turning, quenching and finishing operations. Providing a wide range of benefits, they can boost your business’ productivity. 

General machining and metalworking operations are reliant on machinery coping with extremes in heat and pressure, so must be properly lubricated.

Cutting Fluids

Total’s cutting fluids ensure your metalworking or machining plant can operate efficiently and effectively. High-quality lubricants, they protect cutting tools working a wide range of metals, providing increased productivity for your industrial or manufacturing business. 

Cutting tools used for metalworking and machining commonly operate under extremes of pressure and heat, so need properly formulated lubricants to be safeguarded against unnecessary wear and damage.

Forming Fluids

Total’s forming fluids help optimise industrial and manufacturing business’ operations. Lubricating bending, stamping, stretching and shaping machinery, they’re formulated to protect your equipment, lowering costs and reducing downtime.

Metal working machinery and tools performing bending, shaping, stamping and stretching operations need to be correctly lubricated in order to function effectively.

TOTAL FOLIA Water-based metalworking fluids

The TOTAL FOLIA range of metalworking lubricants is free from oils and solvents of any kind – truly game-changing for industrial markets.

The water-based range provides many performance and environmental benefits; delivering enhanced efficiency, reduced long-term maintenance costs and cleaner machinery.