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The TOTAL range of transmission oils, FLUIDMATIC & TRAX, are designed to cover the different demand requirements of the automotive transmissions industry. This includes automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, conventional manual gear boxes and hypoid axles.



TOTAL ATF III is a synthetic technology automatic transmission fluid specially designed for
all automatic transmissions



FLUIDE XLD FE is a new generation automatic transmission fluid based on an advanced synthetic technology.



FLUIDMATIC CVT/MV is a high-performance, continuously variable transmission fluid designed to use in many Asian, North American and European designed vehicles.



TRANSTEC 5 85W-140 is an extreme pressure mineral oil designed for the lubrication of all gear boxes and axles.



TRANSTEC 4 SAE 140 is a gear oil recommended for manual transmissions, gearboxes, rear axles and all gears where API GL-4 level is required.



TRANSTEC 4 85W-140  is a gear oil recommended for manual transmissions,gearboxes, rear axles and all gears where API GL-4 level is required.



FLUIDE II-D is an automatic transmission fluid recommended for automatic or semi-automatic transmissions and torque converters of passenger cars.