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Total Lubricants for Food Industry

60 years of supporting the food processing sector with Total

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For over 60 years, Total has been supporting the food processing sector with our NEVASTANE food-safe lubricants. This extensive range of food lube includes oils, greases, aerosols and more, covering all types of equipment up and down the production line. With our experience in the industry and our excellent products, Total is the only supplier you need, covering all food processing applications.

TOTAL Nevastane gives you confidence that your machinery will be running at optimum performance, with no risk of contamination from the lubricants you use. Our food lube formulations give you complete control – there are no compounds of animal origin, no allergens, no GMO ingredients, and they have Kosher and Halal certification. They meet NSF H1 and ISO 21469 standards and are classified as food grade lubricants (FGL) for production lines

 Plus, our technical support team can help you with:

  •  Food safety audits (in relation to lubricants).
  •  Product recommendations and consolidation.
  •  Lubrication and food safety on-site training.
  •  TIG 6 software for lubrication and maintenance of your machinery


A complete range for the Food processing industry:

  • Maintenance oils for hydraulic systems.
  • Gears.
  • Compressors.
  • Pneumatic equipment.
  • Greases for bearings.
  • Pelleting machines.
  • Crimping machines.
  • Bottling facilities.
  • Sterilizers.
  • Oven bearings.
  • Deep-freeze tunnels.
  • Special products: cleaning and rinsing fluid, emulsion for dissolving sugar, antifreeze, heat transfer fluid.
  • Aerosols: adhesive oil, water-resistant grease, silicon oil.